New & Replacement Cemetery Flower Vases

Buy new cemetery vases, vase & canister sets or replace a stolen or damaged vase!

Leaving flowers at a loved one's memorial is a classic & timeless tradition. While the metal cemetery flower vases are pretty to admire, they are quickly becoming a target for thieves who are looking to make a quick dollar by turning them in as scrap metal. Granger Plastics, has developed ForeverSafe Cemetery Flower Vases.

ForeverSafe Vases are manufactured from extremely durable polyethylene via the Rotational Molding process, that replicates the look of metals and sone with no seams or burrs. With a final product that is beautiful and finely crafted that theieves will not want to touch. Unlike conventional materials, ForeverSafe Vases are impervious to the elements, including sunlight, rain, freezing and thawing.

The ForeverSafe vases offer the ability to replace nearly any major manufacturers bronze or other precious metal cemetery flower vases. The vases also turn down into the canisters when not in use, like most manufacturers cemetery flower vases.

Replacement Vases

Select from stone like granite effects, or shiny metallic looks. There's a great look to compliment any headstone or memorial. ForeverSafe and Granger have come up with 8 totally unique proprietary blends and looks that have altered the course of rotational molding pigments and effects.

Replacement Cemetery Vase, Cemetery Flower Vase, Memorial Vase, Theft Deterrent cemetery Vase
  • Impervious to the elements
  • 8 beautiful custom proprietary colors to choose from
  • Will maintain a beauty that matches the fresh flowers for generations to come
  • Matching Vase & Canister Set Option
  • Durable American made polyethylene construction
  • Theft deterrent construction as polyethylene isn't a precious metal.
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Occasional Vases

ForeverSafeā„¢ is the name you trust for high quality replacement cemetery flower vases when families are hesitant to replace with bronze or other precious metals, which are being targeted by scrap metal thieves all around the country. But what about the immediate need of having a vase stolen or families that would like to place flowers at a grave with no vase? The ForeverSafe Occasional Vase immediately solves these issues.

Replacement Cemetery Vase, Cemetery Flower Vase, Memorial Vase, Theft Deterrent cemetery Vase
  • Vase able to stand alone in service
  • Can be used with the stake graveside
  • Immediate solution to a vase need
  • Allows for a neat uniform look in cemetery
  • Stake easily assembled
  • Impervious to the elements
  • Reusable
  • Available in many colors
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ForeverSafe Cemetery Flower Vases

The touch of more expensive materials with unsurpassed quality and durability. No one should have to pay for expensive metal vases, and keep paying to replace them year after year. Put the extra money into gorgeous flowers... and keep them ForeverSafe.